We Love Thunder!

on 07. februar 2012.


We would like to welcome the London-based band "I Love Thunder" to Dissimilis.


I Love Thunder is a rock cover band which consists of musicians with and without learning disabilities. The idea of a supported rock band was originally conceived by 3 individuals with learning disabilities who were initially going to pay individually for music tutors. Since the band was set up and began rehearsing with a professional musician providing tuition, it has grown. We now have 9 people involved in the band, 8 with learning disabilities and 1 without.

The aim of the band is to raise the profile of musicians with learning disabilities in Ealing. Without the band, some of the musicians would be paying for individual music tuition and many would not have the opportunity to perform alongside others and showcase their talents. At the moment a total of 9 musicians with learning disabilities from ages 14 - 65 have benefitted from the project, but there have been much wider benefits to the learning disability community in Ealing as every time the band perform it highlights the strengths and abilities of a traditionally marginalised group.

Nick Radclyffe runs the group on a voluntary  basis and they have recently received funding to purchase instruments. Nick is using the Dissimilis colour method with the slide guitarist in the band and has seen a great transformation in his ability to join in and rock!

They have a Facebook page!

Panoramic shot of the band in action!  From left to right: Eric Percival - lead Guitar, Vince Wise - slide guitar and percussion, Nick - rythym guitar, Anne Corrigan - lead vocals, Amy McCollum - lead vocals, Dan Highfield (hidden) - drums, Paul Goodger - lead vocals, Lee Gentle - lead vocals, Luke Radclyffe - keyboards



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